Friday, October 3, 2008

Acoustic Treatment and Interview Setup

So here's a few pictures of the studio to begin with, it's been treated with some Auralex sheeting. The room was exceptionally reverby so it's taken some of that out, not all of it, it's still a very live room, but with less long reflections. The top picture shows the treatment by the desk, it's not a great picture but hey, I'm no photographer. You can see a trio of bass traps in the corner of the room and flat absorbtion sheets on the walls and ceiling.
Underneath we can see the mic setup for an interview with "The Blizzards" an Irish group who unfortunately due to some bull never showed up for the interview, this was the first interview setup we'd done so it was a bit strange to do, enjoyable though. We don't have any mic stands espicially for table top placement so we used to very adjustable stands that are meant for bass drum micing.