Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The story so far

I'm a second year student in sound engineering. As part of the course I have to complete a learner's journal. This is basically a book of what we've done in class (and outside sometimes), in the field of sound engineering. I love the job of sound engineer and I love to look inside guitars and such but I've a lack of motivation in the field of writing a book about it so I'm going to do it here! Hopefully it'll make it more interesting for me and maybe someone will read it. I'm going to start from the top. The course is run in Athlone Institute of Technology, right in the centre of Ireland. It's a two year higher certificate course for the moment leading into an honours degree add-on afterwards. I've just started back into second year and it's going great. I've got a couple of pictures of the studio and posts relating to sound engineering up on my first blog already but future, and more frequent ones will be going up here. That's all from me for now, g'night.

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